The SC HLOC is responsible for reviewing government agencies in South Carolina in order to keep them performing as effectively and efficiently as possible. I along with several group members was responsible for the redesign of their physical outputs: a one-page report, executive summary, and full report. We delivered fully editable Microsoft Word Doc and PDF Templates to increase accessibility, and engagement, and establish the intentions of the committee in each report that is distributed. 
For this project, I had the pleasure of working with Liam Owen, Sarah Hoffman, and Mitchell Zarkis. We worked together to establish visual elements that would create a flow between documents. I was responsible for the creation of a one-page report that would be sent to constituents of South Carolina along with the pre-existing executive summary and full report. ​​​​​​​
The committee approached us to redesign the current systems that they use to communicate their work to South Carolina Constituents. First, we interviewed the committee with various questions we had prepared to determine their pain points and goals for this project. We discovered that they struggled with presenting a large number of findings in a manageable way not only in terms of production but in user engagement. Overall, the committee needed help with accessibility. 
Using Microsoft Word, I created a template that presents the user with not only what's to come in the following reports, but where to find information as well. I accomplished this by establishing a system of visual hierarchy through iconography, a variety of font sizes weights, and colors. In doing this, the user is able to navigate the rest of the reports because they are now able to absorb vital information at a glance. ​​​​​​​

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