Artifact BOLD Exhibition
Juried by Kelli Anderson at High Point University, NC 2023
Within five animations I wanted to discuss the most repetitive anxious thoughts and issues I face. This series started purely experimental but as with most art it has turned into a body of work that a lot of people can probably relate to, specifically creative people, and take comfort in that although it looks and feels different for everyone, they’re not alone in this experience.
Inner Child
This particular illustration is a self-portrait, it represents choking on this inner child or light because of anxious thoughts. I was diagnosed with anxiety as a young teenager and having that label at such a young age impacted me. I didn’t know how to process it at the time but looking back at all I've been able to work through, I am proud to honor my inner child. 
Make More
Make More represents the pressure I feel as an artist and am constantly comparing myself to other artists. The fear that I am unproductive and therefore unsuccessful I am frequents my mind. The image that is distorted and repeated is myself at 18 years old, getting ready to start college, feeling completely unsure and out of control. 

You're Not Doing Enough
In this animation i wanted to experiment with different types of movement. The pixels that build the words "you're not enough" bounce around, and the baby face comes in and takes over the whole screen. I wanted it to feel playful but the longer you watch it it starts to get overwhelming.
Tooth Decay
Similar to Inner Child, this illustration is a way I deal with anxiety. Tooth Decay started with a recurring nightmare I have about my teeth falling, crumbling, or other dental terrors. Dreams about teeth are associated with feeling powerless and out of control. 
Rolling off of how this entire series is about my personal experience with anxiety I chose to work with a self-portrait I took on some extra film over break. This photo is much more recent so I wanted to compare the chaos of how I felt at 18 vs me now and how I’ve learned to manage. Stop represents both the practice of "thought stopping", and not letting anxious thoughts control my thinking. 

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