Design an immersive experience for the field of Eugene Stone III Stadium, the home of the University of South Carolina Women's Soccer Team for fans to interact with during pre-game, at halftime, and post-game. 
We knew we had to come up with a solution that was immersive while preserving the actual field to not interfere with the game. We came up with two solutions: one physical, which can be experienced by anyone, and the other in augmented reality, which in theory would also be highly accessible. 
I had the opportunity to work with Jadyn Velpula and Fabiana Echeverri to design for the field. The field portion of this project included everything visible from the stands. Using pre-existing visual content developed for USC's Spring 2023 semester theme of 'Play', my team and I worked to develop a series of window treatments on the back of the Gamecock Soccer Complex.​​​​​​​
  Final Product
  Jadyn, Fabiana, and I executed two experiences. A window treatment that will be physically installed in the windows of the Gamecock                Soccer Complex, and one that exists in Augmented Reality and can be accessed by scanning a QR code. These solutions are evergreen as the AR experience can be updated at any point.

Mockup of AR Play Experience for USC WSOC

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