Interaction Design, it’s been a wild ride. This class presented me with many challenges and just as many successes. Before this semester, if you had asked me what UI/UX design was, I would have probably said: letters. Not only do I now have a thoroughly competent and confident answer to that question, but I also have visual proof that I am capable of creating it. I was expecting most of my struggle in this course to be design-related, picking typefaces and fighting with grids. However, this class exposed me and prepared me for so much more than creating effective design solutions. This semester we had the opportunity of working with several clients and producing work that is produced and consumed outside of the GD+I program, which is really, really cool. Taking this class was intense, but I can easily say it has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my college education. Not only have I designed five portfolio-worthy projects, but I now have experience working with clients in different situations and environments. I feel like I know what to expect when I graduate and get a big-girl designer job. I can say that I'm comfortable presenting my ideas and work to clients and working with other people effectively. 
I can also say I know my way around Figma and WordPress and can dabble in coding. This class was valuable to me in more ways than I can count. Another aspect of this course that I appreciate is how I can reflect on my work and realize ways to improve innocuously. That's what I really appreciate about this kind of design. In the past, the majority of my design experience has been print or solutions that once they're done, they're done. The projects I completed in Interaction Design however have limitless potential for revision and growth. Overall, the concepts introduced to me in ARTS347 will stick with me for a long time. 
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