Outdoor Ad for SC Blue Law

Project 3 of interaction Design was to create an outdoor and digital responsive public service announcement of a Blue Law in South Carolina. I chose a blue law specific to one small SC town, Fountain Inn. The law thats that horses are to wear pants at all times in Fountain Inn. I chose this law because of my connection to the town. I saw the law as my jumping off point, but I knew that I could assign a certain personality to it that would make it appealing to my audience.  I began my visual research with advertisements that speak to me. I wanted to find out what I was drawn to and why so that I could implement this into my designs for my blue law campaign. I found that campaigns with an attitude and overall quirkiness were most exciting to me. At first it was hard for me to understand why I was drawn to certain styles over others until we deepened our research and looked into archetypes and personas. I noticed that the brands I was attracted to such as Levis and MTV were mainly of the Outlaw Archetype. This inspired my personas as I knew I needed to connect an audience with similar values to my campaign. Because my law was related to pants, I immediately thought of Levi’s branding, who just so happened to fall under the same archetype. When I think of Levi’s, denim, and outlaws, I also think of James Dean. This concept heavily influenced my work. In a meeting with my professor, Meena Khalili, we discussed various stylistic approaches. We came up with an illustrative style with the quirky yet classic Saul Bass feel, done in cut construction paper. Once all of this research was established, I was able to create the visual components that I would use throughout the outdoor and digital campaign. I came up with these rather quickly because I went so deep in my research process. The design process for this project pushed me because coming up with three entirely different visual compositions that work together in a cohesive series is not something I have a ton of experience with. I also struggled in this process when it came to the digital campaign. Although we were introduced to Adobe XD, sitemaps, and wireframes and developing prototypes earlier this semester, I really struggled with using Figma. However, after lots of googling and tutorials I was able to translate the style and messages I had established in my initial campaign. I ended the project with a series of three billboards, a responsive mobile and desktop site all of which spread the word that horses of Fountain Inn, South Carolina must wear pants. 
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