Process + Systems pushed me as a designer in many ways and I can confidently say the person and designer I was when I started this course, versus how I think and create now differ greatly. The first half of the semester pushed my boundaries as a creative both in format and timeline, from having to create a self-generated project through various mediums and themes within a one-week time span, to researching and developing a case study over the course of two months. Another double-edged sword of this class was created by the opportunity for full creative freedom as it both helped and hindered me. On one side, I enjoyed not only being able to pursue but supported in a range of creative endeavors but on the other this new freedom contributed to a lot of anxiety for me. However, it was this dynamic that created such extreme growth for me. My final project, How to Make Something, proves this, I was all over the place in the beginning but as I continued to develop this case study and work from feedback from my peers, I was able to accomplish much more than I would have ever given myself credit for. All in all, the Inquiries I developed were all successful in one way or another. The failures I endured taught me valuable lessons that have since informed my work as a designer, and the successes allowed me to be part of a national exhibition and helped to grow confidence in my work. 
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