This week in Process + Systems looked a little different than the rest of the semester. Instead of continuing the creative sprints and developing a one-week-long inquiry, we are beginning to research and develop final projects. Similarly to the setup of inquiries, we have full creative control for the final. Along with the start of this project, we are beginning to read Strategic Creativity by Robin Landa. In the first chapter, Landa emphasizes that a creative solution should be relevant and should resonate with its users. From the start of this class, I knew I wanted to create a platform purely for creatives to learn. Looking at my notes from the syllabus we were handed on the first day of class I wrote out “Platform for people to learn/trade/share ideas, highly accessible”. I’m glad that I wrote these ideas down in the very beginning because now that I’ve allowed myself to explore and flesh out various creative inquiries, now I can take different pieces from those experiences and rework them into a bigger vision. How to Make Something is a website influenced by my past inquiries and my motivation to educate creatives in an accessible way. Robin Landa also introduces the concept of C.H.O.I.C.E. thinking when creating meaning that the following should always be considered: Context, Humanistic thinking, Observation, Interesting solutions, Craft, and Empathy. Through my research that I gained from field studies, developing an archetype and persona, mood boards, etc. I can confidently check off all of the CHOICE strategies. As I continue to move through and design this platform, Landa’s book will be sure to guide me through this process.
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