To say week 6 of Interaction design was a crazy one is an understatement (in a good way of course). We started the week off by presenting a three-week-long project to the South Carolina House of Representatives Legislative Oversight Committee. All I’ll say about that is, I’m not the best public speaker, I may have messed up some of my speaking notes, but overall it was a success. This is why I was so excited for Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I was out of the hot seat as the GD+I program had Robin Landa as a visiting speaker to talk to us about the new ideas of art. Robin is a highly sought-after author, professor, and designer. She provided us with insight on how to create strategically and generate worthwhile ideas. Robin introduced us to a new design strategy called the three G’s: goal, gap, and gain. The three g’s can be used in any order but ultimately work together to generate good ideas or what Robin referred to as “north star”. The goal is what you want your design to achieve, the gap addresses what is missing that your solution should address, and the gain determines the impact your design has. She showed us a variety of successful campaigns and broke down the goal, gaps, and gain of each project. Robin also emphasized how vital insight is when designing. We learned that insight can be found through social media listening, observing mindfully, focusing on user experience, and more. Having proper insight into a campaign and understanding one’s target audience is vital as campaigns that are tone-deaf, aren’t relatable, nor are compelling will flop. This part of her lecture stood out to me as we begin our third project in Interaction Design because the first part of the assignment is to generate a persona for our campaigns. I will definitely be keeping all of this in mind as I establish my campaign’s persona and archetype. I had to leave Thursday night’s lecture early to go photograph the women’s soccer team against Florida in a hurricane. Fortunately, we won the game and I had two opportunities to learn from Robin Landa so I didn’t miss out on too much!
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